Let’s be honest.

When someone says the word goals, what do you automatically think?

Does it have something to do with health/weight/exercise? For the majority of us, this is our automatic train of thought.

But that is just ONE category you can create a goal(s) in. What if I told you there were SO MANY other areas of your life you could grow in?

Yes, being healthy is super important, but so is growing spiritually, financially, etc…

I want to open your eyes to all the other different types of goals you can create that will completely change your life!

creating goals


I might as well go ahead and get this one out of the way! Ha ha… Yes, creating a healthy lifestyle is so important. And it actually will help make reaching other goals easier. When you take care of your body, it’s ready to do the work it needs to do in order to reach other goals.

Some different subcategories of this would be:

  • Getting more sleep

  • Eating healthy, whole foods (a balanced diet)

  • Exercise

  • Losing weight

  • Getting off medications

  • Participating in Self-Care


Having healthy relationships is so important for your overall well-being. Relationships are something that needs to be cultivated and constantly worked on.

Some different things you could create a goal for would be making sure to tell them how much you love them, scheduling a weekly date night, giving your children one-on-one time, or creating boundaries with co-workers.

When thinking of your relationships, consider your

  • Intimate relationships – ones with a partner or spouse

  • Work relationships – relationships with clients or co-workers

  • Friendships – There are so many different types of friendships you could consider!

  • Family – This could be immediate or not. Any relationship you would want to work on.

creating financial goals


For so many of us, this word makes us cringe! If it does, creating goals in this category would be very beneficial. Not only do you want to consider your debt, but you should also think about

  • Your spending habits

  • Savings

  • Relationship with Money – Do you have an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset? I honestly believe what we put out into the universe is what we receive. So, if you are constantly worried about not having enough money, you’ll never have enough. If you believe you’ll always have enough, then you will!


This could mean different things for different people. I know when a lot of people hear this word, they automatically think of religion. But it can be so much more than that.

  • I would consider

  • Your spiritual life

  • Plan for personal growth

  • Relationship with or without a Higher Power

Whatever you choose, think about how you want to cultivate and grow that area. Just like any other relationship, you need to tend to it in order for it to grow.


A lot of times we are so focused on working hard we forget to have a little fun! Creating an environment that invokes fun will help you in all the other categories! It allows you to come back refreshed and ready to take on the day!

When thinking about recreation, think about

  • Quality of fun

  • Time spent relaxing

  • Fun people in your life

  • The amount of time you spend on fun

So, go figure out how to incorporate more fun into your life!


The word career has meant so many different things for me over the years. While I was in college, I envisioned getting a great job in a hospital and working my way up the management ladder.

Then I realized that was NOT what I wanted, and it became being a stay at home mom. For anyone that’s ever been a SAHM, you know it’s a career! And I LOVED every second of it.

Once the kids were older, it just became about integrating myself back into the workforce. Man, that was scary!

And in recent years, it was about finding my purpose and being truly happy in my work. It was no longer about bringing home a paycheck, but about living out my life’s purpose and bringing home a paycheck (I mean, a
girl’s gotta eat!).

Whatever stage you’re at in life is what the word career will mean to you.

I would consider

  • Your talents you use on the job – are you using your talents? Or wasting them?

  • The value you give to society

  • Living a higher purpose in life

  • A career you love

The answers you come up with will help you decide if you’re still on the right track in your career or if you need to make a change.

And I’m here to tell you, it’s NEVER too late to make a change!

I hope these different categories opened your eyes to other areas in your life you could create goals for.

I’ve created a life inventory workbook for you if you’d like to take a closer look at where you score in your life. It can really help you decide where you want to create goals and where you’re flourishing.

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When you’re finished, come back here and let me know how this helped you!

6 Types of Goals That Will Completely Change Your Life