I’m sure you never thought you’d have to ask yourself, what sort of job would weather the storm of a global pandemic. Not until Covid-19, that is, and the great toilet paper shortage of 2020.

Whether you lost your job due to the Corona Virus, or it just made you realize your job isn’t as secure as you once thought, considering other means of income is on everyone’s mind this year.

That’s why I want to tell you why being a Virtual Assistant is the perfect job during a pandemic.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

I often get asked what a Virtual Assistant does and the simplest way to explain it is this: A Virtual Assistant supports other small business owners by doing work virtually.

There are so many different areas of expertise a VA could work in, but if you can do it on a computer, you can do it at home as a VA.

Virtual Assistants are usually independent contractors, meaning they aren’t an employee, but a contractor. VA’s pay their own taxes, don’t receive benefits, make their own hours, and choose their own clients.

Some of the different types of work you can do as a VA are:

  • Social media
  • Blog writing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Graphic Design
  • Customer Service
  • Inbox and calendar management
  • Lead generation
  • Web design
  • And many more…

How much does a VA make?

That depends on experience and job skills, so it can vary like in any other field. But the average is $12-$30/hour. Some VA’s charge by the hour, some charge a package rate. You can take as many clients as you want or need, so your income can vary.

That’s one of the great things about being a VA. You set your own hours and your own rates.

Do people still hire during a pandemic?

I have found that yes, there are still so many thriving businesses that the opportunities are definitely out there.

The great thing about working virtually is that you aren’t affected by things that a normal office job would be affected by. Such as a global pandemic, a sick child, travel, or bad traffic.

As long as you have a computer and internet, you can work.

I’ve found that even more businesses are looking to hire virtually than ever before and this has opened the doors to so many other people that may not have considered this before Covid-19.

How my business coped during the pandemic?

My business thrived during the pandemic. Yes, there were some concerns, but I put my head down and kept serving my clients and new clients kept coming.

Although some clients’ businesses were affected by the pandemic, others found themselves thriving and needing to hire support.

There are ebbs and flows in this business just as you would find in any other business. Luckily this industry doesn’t need to worry about quarantine and that’s why I think being a Virtual Assistant right now is full of opportunities.

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Why Being a Virtual Assistant is the Perfect Job During a Pandemic