• What Can a Virtual Assistant Do For You?

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    As a Virtual Assistant I meet so many small business owners wearing all the hats, stretched to the max, and working #allthetime. If that’s you, I have some news for you. It’s time to outsource to a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant can do anything if all you need is a computer and internet. There […]

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  • Where to Find Clients As a Virtual Assistant

    virutal assistant

    One of the number one questions I get from new or aspiring Virtual Assistant is, where do I find clients? Luckily, there are tons of people out there needing virtual help, and lots of resources to find them. ONLINE DIRECTORIES/WEBSITES I found my very first client on Upwork. Upwork is an online platform that acts […]

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  • My Decision to Be an Entrepreneur

    virtual assistant

    My decision to be an entrepreneur wasn’t something that happened overnight, but more like a culmination of experiences that happened over the course of many years. They were like small whipsers in my ear that got louder and louder until I finally started to listen. I didn’t start off as an entrepreneur Growing up I […]

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