Personal Development is, well, personal! It means different things to different people. What may be an area of personal development for one person will not even be on another person’s radar.

But personal development shares one common thread: to continue to grow and improve as a person. We should all want to continuously grow, learn, and improve our lives. If not, what’s the point?

Here are some tips for figuring out what season you’re in for personal development.

What season are you in. Did you like that segue way? It’s always a good idea to be aware of what season you’re in. We are all in different seasons in our lives.

 For example, I’m in a season of personal growth and coming to terms that my children are going to be flying the nest soon. I have more time to concentrate on myself and my marriage.

Someone else might be in a season of starting to raise a family and taking care of young children. Her personal development might concentrate more on how to be organized and prioritizing time for herself.

Another person may be a young adult just trying to find their way in the world. Knowing what season you’re in is the best place to start with thinking about personal development.

personal development tools

What tools you’ll use. Just as you wouldn’t build a house with an empty toolbox; you can’t build your ideal life without using a few tools. Figuring out which ones work best for you will help lay the groundwork down for how you want to learn things.

Do you like to listen to podcasts? Watch videos? Read books?

Do you like to work in groups or alone?

Do you do better with a pathway lined out for you, such as an online course, or would you rather figure it out on your own?

Make it a priority. Making your personal development a priority in your life might feel a bit strange at first. But it needs to be something you work on daily. Put it in your calendar and make a plan.

What time of day will you dedicate to your personal development?

How long will you spend?

What will you do during that time? Read, write, listen, discuss, etc…

How will you measure success?  My post, How to Create Goals the SMART Way will tell you how! You can even grab your Goal Setting Workbook there.

So what season are you in, my friend?

Some of my favorite influencers in this area are:

Rachel Hollis

Brene Brown

Mel Robbins

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3 Personal Development Tips For Success