As a business owner, it’s so important to grow your email list. This is known as lead generation. I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times

You own your email list, unlike your social media audience. So grow your email list!

In order to grow your list, you need to offer your audience something free in return for their email address. This is referred to as a freebie, freemium, opt-in, etc…

An opt-in can be anything that serves your audience and is usually a quick fix to one of their pain points or problems.

Some of the most common opt-ins are downloadable pdf’s (worksheets, checklists, printables), ebooks, mini-courses, or a video.

What’s My Favorite Type of Opt-in?

A quiz!

Let me tell you why:

  1. People love taking quizzes
  2. People love to share their results
  3. You can create the quiz topics based on who you want to attract
  4. You can ask questions that lead back to what you want to sell
  5. They usually have a higher conversion rate than other opt-in types – super important if you’re wanting to grow your last fast

Where to Market a Quiz?

market your quiz

The sky is the limit when thinking about how to market your quiz. Here are a few of my ideas:

  1. Social Media – like in Facebook groups, your profile, Instagram profile, Twitter, LinkedIn
  2. Pinterest
  3. Blog Posts
  4. Podcasts
  5. Facebook ads
  6. Email signature

How do you create a quiz?

When I create a quiz, I use reverse engineering, starting with the product I want to lead them to, then the answers I want them to get, then the questions that will lead them to those answers.

There are several quiz maker tools to choose from, such as Interact, Quizmaker, Typeform, or Survey Monkey. I personally use Interact and love it.

Interact even integrates with my email service provider for even easier use.

If you’re interested in learning how to use Interact and see how I use it in my business, click here.

quiz for lead generation

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